GP-Friendly Soft Pretzels

Hey ya’ll! I hope everyone is having a fabulous week!

I just started summer courses so it’s been busy! That one week summer break went by WAY too fast! In other news, it is raining so much in Ohio that I may have to build an arc…no, seriously…chance of rain everyday except Friday (of course I’ll be at work).

As for the Botox/dilation procedure last week, I am still not seeing any results. I’m kind of getting down because I was really hopeful about this procedure but it is what it is. My doctor said I would notice changes within a week…in two days it will be a week so there’s still a chance! I’ll be sure to post if I have any changes in the near future.

On a brighter note, pretzels! Who doesn’t love warm soft pretzels? These are especially amazing because they are gp-friendly! I posted this recipe around February but I changed my blog since then so I think this post got deleted? Major shout out to Christine for reading the blog and letting me know! (:

Anyway, I eliminated any butter and oil and they turned out PERFECT. My family is really picky when I make gp-friendly food for them and they didn’t even know that they were oil and butter free!

I used this recipe! I did not use any of the butter and instead of the oil, I sprayed the bowl with a little bit of PAM. I didn’t make the cheese sauce since I can’t eat it but I’m sure it’s really good! Also, some people love “twisted” soft pretzels but I find that the bites are so much easier to roll out, cut, and bake! The preparation of this recipe takes a little time but they bake in minutes!


(Sorry I don’t have any really great pictures but I haven’t made them in a while!)

I do not own the recipe or any of the ingredients that I listed; all opinions are mine!

Let me know what you think!



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