Homemade Soft Pretzels

Hi and happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I completed…nothing. It was kind of nice to be honest. My mom had the flu so I did some grocery shopping and cooked food for the Super Bowl. Did anyone else watch? I started to and then fell asleep after the half time show.

ANYWAY, I’m trying to be productive this afternoon…which means homework break to write a blog post! I promised to give you guys a gp-friendly recipe and I have delivered!

Pretzel bites!

I actually made these yesterday and they were super easy! They do take a little time to rise but an hour isn’t too bad in my opinion. I followed this recipe except for a few things. I added NO butter. This did not affect the recipe at all in my opinion because they were still delicious! Also, I used Pam to spray the bowl just because olive oil bothers me a lot. To make them even more gp-friendly (if you have an issue with any of these things) you could omit the salt or use gluten-free flour. I did not serve them with the cheese sauce just because I miss cheese sauce and I cannot eat it. But there’s a variety of other things you can serve these with: good ole’ mustard, hummus, cinnamon & sugar, etc, etc…

I like these just because I feel like I eat junk sometimes and this is a way for me to enjoy the junk and feel good that I know exactly what is in it!


Let me know how you like them! What did you make for the Super Bowl yesterday? Even if it wasn’t gp-friendly, I also want to hear…

I also made some football cookies yesterday but I will be posting those in a few days. I feel bad that they’re football themed but you can give them a little Valentine’s day flair as I will later explain!



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